Public Health & Safety

Prior to being elected as President of the Board of Aldermen 2012, Bill served as Chair of the Public Health and Public Safety Committee from 2008 – 2012.  Bill transformed a committee that rarely met to one of the most active committee of the Board of Aldermen to deal with a broad range of problems. Some recent examples of the Committee’s work follows:

  1. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE–One of Bill’s foremost goals to insure that the City enact a comprehensive Domestic Violence Policy to combat one of the most serious physical and emotional health hazards facing spouses, partners and children today.
  2. KEEPING OUR NEIGHBORHOODS SAFE AND HEALTHY–Since becoming Chair, Bill inaugurated a policy of bringing committee meetings to the neighborhoods, to make it easy for residents to voice their concerns where they live, instead of having to travel to City Hall. Bill’s committee has taken the lead in dealing with problem absentee landlords and banks that have foreclosed on property and allowed them to fall into disrepair, impacting the surrounding residents. Bill’s committee meets frequently with the Chief of Police to review crime statistics and to implement measures to address problems in specific neighborhoods.